mission margaret/the atwood adventure.

Though I’m still somewhat engulfed in Tamora Pierce (even if I should be reading ‘The Republic Of Love’ by Carol Shields for an English test…) I’m beginning to think ahead, since this semester is almost gone, and summer stretches out ahead. Said summer is going to be the first since I started university that I won’t be getting myself educated over the January/February months (since this year I did summer school and the year before that I was on exchange and the semester started way earlier than it would have in Auckland-town). I will, unfortunately, be caught up in the painful student trial that is summer work, but money is money, and my particular job will entail not quite full-time hours, so some freedom will be had, plus it will finish up at 3pm most days (though after a 7am start, yikes). So evenings/afternoons will be FREE!

Free to practise driving. Free to teach myself to roller skate. Free to write a Booker winning novel. Free to READ LOTS OF BOOKS.

I think it’s going to be my goal to read every Margaret Atwood novel before semester 1 2011 begins. I’ve got a fairly solid foundation having already read…

  • The Edible Woman (fun fact – I bought my copy of this book at the Clevedon Farmers’ Market for $2, opened it when I got home, and it was SIGNED. SIGNED BY MARGARET ATWOOD. I nearly had a heart attack.)
  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Cat’s Eye
  • The Blind Assassin
  • Oryx and Crake
  • The Penelopiad
  • Year of The Flood

Plus I have in my possession (thank you, second hand bookshop perusing!) Alias Grace, and I believe my sister owns Surfacing. So that leaves Lady Oracle, Life Before Man, Bodily Harm and The Robber Bride. Six books over the next four/five months? Easy. Especially since I only need to track down four of them. I also own Moral Disorder, a short story collection, so obviously I should finish reading that one, too.

I should mention, perhaps, that Margaret Atwood is generally held to be my favourite author. This does fluctuate, I went through a period of time when I was 17/18 where Emily Perkins was the only author I would consider putting the ‘favourite’ label on. Atwood was there, just somewhere slightly below the surface. Maybe it was because I’d only read The Handmaid’s Tale and Oryx and Crake at that point, and was loathe to put an author who could be misconstrued as ‘sci-fi’ as my numero uno. Then I read The Blind Assassin and The Penelopiad (Classics geek, in the house!).

I still love the prosey goodness of Ms Emily Perkins, but that can wait for another blog entry. For now, let us conclude that Mission Margaret/The Atwood Adventure is both possible and necessary.

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2 thoughts on “mission margaret/the atwood adventure.”

  1. Cat’s Eye! Is amazing. Make the first next Atwood novel. It’s so… provokative. And it’s about art. And it’s importance, it’s place, in the world. I studied it at University in post-1900 novels – fantastic paper, fantastic novels.

    Ms Emily Perkins, however, is not currently in my radar. Shall have to rectify this, as you recommend her so enthusiastically, and your opinion is worthy 🙂

    1. Ohh, I’ve already read Cat’s Eye, and loved it something crazy. It took me a while to get into it, but I’m oh-so glad that I did. Though when I did a post-1900 novels course it was all pre 1950s stuff, alas. I’m yet to encounter any Atwood in courses. Sigh.

      Definitely check out some Emily Perkins stuff. She actually tutors in the stage 2 creative writing course, but I knew her work way before then. Her latest book, Novel About My Wife, got really good press, but to be honest I much prefer her earlier work. Her short stories are especially fantastic.

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