mission margaret/the atwood adventure.

2 thoughts on “mission margaret/the atwood adventure.”

  1. Cat’s Eye! Is amazing. Make the first next Atwood novel. It’s so… provokative. And it’s about art. And it’s importance, it’s place, in the world. I studied it at University in post-1900 novels – fantastic paper, fantastic novels.

    Ms Emily Perkins, however, is not currently in my radar. Shall have to rectify this, as you recommend her so enthusiastically, and your opinion is worthy 🙂

    1. Ohh, I’ve already read Cat’s Eye, and loved it something crazy. It took me a while to get into it, but I’m oh-so glad that I did. Though when I did a post-1900 novels course it was all pre 1950s stuff, alas. I’m yet to encounter any Atwood in courses. Sigh.

      Definitely check out some Emily Perkins stuff. She actually tutors in the stage 2 creative writing course, but I knew her work way before then. Her latest book, Novel About My Wife, got really good press, but to be honest I much prefer her earlier work. Her short stories are especially fantastic.

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