middle earth = new zealand. duh.

2 thoughts on “middle earth = new zealand. duh.”

  1. Hear hear! The Hobbit seriously has to be in New Zealand.

    I mean, I’m sure, if they wanted to, WB could take you up on the challenge and replicate the Matamata scene with the help of CGI and all sorts of film expertise. But that’s not the point! The point is, well, did Middle Earth jump across the waters between the Hobbit and LOTR? Er, no! It stayed where it is, as Earth tends to do, and now that Middle Earth is so cemented in the public imagination/Jungian psyche AS New Zealand, it couldn’t be anywhere else! >.<

    Also: "…and readings of every NZ short story anthology ever" to prove the dark, desolate emo knowingness of New Zealand. Nice one. I thought that was it was every short story I happened to pick up was like that, but you, book-devouring literary guru, have confirmed my hesitant speculation.

    Loving the post. I also have one coming, too. Again, about the value of New Zealand's scenery/land/recent history (Waiheke Island). Seriously, how can anyone reject it for any reason?!

    1. I remember we had an epic discussion in a scholarship English class once, when I was in school, about the ‘darkness’ of NZ art at large. It’s really interesting – short stories, novels, films, visual art, fashion – there’s a broody vibe pretty much everywhere. But regarding short stories in particular, I definitely believe it to be true, since I’m guilty of such writing myself. Hah.

      BTW, your Aucklander article was rad! Excited to see more of your word-age (hopefully in actual print in the Southern edition, mean Herald people!) soon.

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