Ég er ekki í raun að tala íslensku en hægt er að nota á netinu þýðendum.

I haven’t said much about music lately, aside from grammatical references in pseudo-indie songs of yesteryear. Sure, this blog is called ‘Raw Library’, but it’s not meant to be exclusively about books. Oh no. Because, in fact, I do a lot more music-listening than I do reading/writing, truth be told – probably because it can be more of a background activity, but still. My eventual career ambitions lie around words of the penned variety, yes, but my musical obsession is also significant. I’m the kind of girl who flies places for concerts, wastes her meagre pay on CDs – actual CDs! they still exist! – and is a somewhat badass flute player. Actually, given that my other ‘primary’ instrument is ukulele, I decided I should call myself a ‘fluke player’. Maybe this should be a thing? Maybe not. And because my iTunes shuffle just threw me a track from an album I hadn’t listened to for a while, I decided that the time has come for a vague let’s-poke-around-music-a-bit type post. And this is it.

The track in question is Pad Sést Ekki Sætari Mey (I hope your browsers don’t turn that into Windings) from Gling-Gló by Björk Gu∂mundsdóttir & tríó Gun∂mundar Ingólfssonar – aka Björk and some jazz-tastic friends. AND IT IS SO GOOD. I picked it up on a Wellingtonian adventure a few years back for $5 or something at the Real Groovy on Cuba Street and have appreciated it ever since. The CD is mostly in Icelandic (which is among the most excellent languages on the planet, and which I intend to try to learn some day) save for a couple of tracks in English, and it’s all jazz-ish, and all fantastic. I particularly enjoy the songs which are standards that one recognises EXCEPT THAT THEY’RE IN ICELANDIC.

Anyway. Go listen to it.

A little more shuffle-based clicking was supposed to present me with opportunities to talk about some other CDs too, but nothing inspired me to write anything much except that I rediscovered one of the few songs on the second Raconteurs album that I really liked (Five on the Five, the album being Consolers of the Lonely. It’s not a bad record, it’s just not a patch on their first one. Go listen to Broken Boy Soldiers if somehow you haven’t yet done so). And also the awesomeness of a few OSTs was reminded. Thus, go find the soundtracks for –

  • Whip It
  • (500) Days of Summer
  • Mean Girls (obviously)
  • Coffee & Cigarettes
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Ghost World

I’ve also been listening to Unicorn Steak and Fino + Bleed by Die Mannequin, and both records are awesome and deserving of your attention. If you’re in a punk-y mood. They’re Canadian, which obviously makes them a little bit cooler than you automatically. Unless you’re Canadian. Or a kiwi. Or, actually, it depends on the individual in question

Thus ends an entry of a musical nature. Somewhat. Back to reading Trickster and debating the merits of tidying my room. PEACE OUT.

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