still alive, still alive

Life descends into horrible vapidness when the December retail season hits. Working too much, and hating every moment of it save for the occasional hair-related compliment and/or intelligent literary discussion that comes along once in a blue moon.

This is why I could never ever work full time in that place.

Anyway. Desire to read things that are deep and meaningful and new has somewhat abated over the past few weeks, but once the first week of January is over, I’ll hopefully get back to form and back to (semi) regular bloggity action.

What I HAVE been reading lately, and what will eventually get a proper write up, is all six volumes of the Scott Pilgrim Graphic Novels. And they are amazing. I’m not a frequent graphic novel connoisseur, but Bryan Lee O’Malley is amaaaaazing.

I’m also currently getting through the first Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead Until Dark. I got a free copy from the Hachette Livre roadshow, and it seemed a suitably easy read to keep me occupied. One needs to have the occasionally trashy title to turn to, right?

So, back with a vengeance soon, I hope.

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