baked goodness

PS. I also made some rather delicious (and vegan!) banana cupcakes today, and have elected to consume several of those in place of an actual dinner. Unwise, perhaps, but it’s a Saturday night and I’m hanging ten by myself (well, me and The Doctor and Lady Gaga) so nutritional guidelines can suck it. You can find the recipe here. I think that baking is something I ought to get back into as well – I made a chocolate cake a couple of weeks ago (also vegan – but like today, mostly because we had no eggs in the house and I have a tempestuous relationship with dairy) but that aside my kitchen exploits have been minimal for the last year or so, actually. Moving out of home can have that effect on your baking supplies! But the cupboard’s stocked, and I’m on a budget, so more homecrafted cheap and delicious treats might be on the agenda.

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