hey hey, it’s almost january…

Cogs are turning.

Ideas are ruminating.

Plans are forming.

It is the new year so very soon, and in for the first six weeks of 2013, I will be a Lady on my Lonesome, with The Boyfriend jetting off to be Indiana Jones in Egypt for a while. It’ll be the longest we’ve been apart since we got together two years ago (nearly to the day… awwww….) but I’m planning on Furthering My Awesomeness in his absence. This includes, but is not limited to

– everyone’s favourite New Year’s Resolution – to get fit/lose weight. But more so than ever, because I’m finally starting to feel better, thanks to the ridiculous drug cocktail I’m on, and I might actually feel up to vigorous activity. Crazy, I know, but if might just happen. And if it does, you bet your sweet bippy that I will finally get my hands on a sexy pin-up dress or two.

– planning the next couple of years, study-wise. Until everything starts to unravel a little more, I don’t want to get into too many details, as I don’t want to let down everyone (as well as myself) if they don’t come to fruition, but hey.

– planning a short escape of my own. If anyone is aware of any amazing travel deals, then pass it on, because lawdy knows I’ll be needing some kind of respite from the real world in April-ish. I’ve only had one day off work for reasons other than medical ones since last December. Think about that. Actually, don’t. It’s depressing.

I think there are probably other things too, but that’s the bare bones of it. I know that I’ll have my ups and downs while he’s away – I mean, I manage to get amazingly low even when he’s right here and looking after me, so that’ll be a blast, thanks unstable mind + prednisone, but unlike the last time he went overseas, I know exactly when he’ll be back, and everything’s just that bit more set in stone now.

So all I have to do is get by, with a little self-betterment and organisation on the side. Totes achievable.

In related news, I may or may not make a video post later this week, pertaining to all things colitisy. It’s about to be my second infliximab infusion, after all, and I’ve got the blood test needle poke in my arm to prove it!

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