a fashionably late resolution; a new project

Well, I’m biting the bullet – I’m going to do it, and if I’m typing it up in a public blog entry, then it must be true. I am going to write a poem or small prose piece/excerpt every day. I swear it. It’s probably going to be impossible, and yet, here I am, saying it. A few years ago, I would have said that it was impossible that I’d have a chronic disease, impossible that I’d be in a long-term relationship with a guy, impossible that I’m  still deciding whether or not to go to the Amanda Palmer show later in the year.

So, let’s do the impossible, and actually get some words out there.

I’ll have to play catch up for yesterday, but be prepared, 365 pieces in 365 days are on their way.

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Basically, I deal in words.

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