on mental health

5 thoughts on “on mental health”

  1. Just breathe. I wish the best of luck in all your endeavors of 2013. Stay strong, not just for me or everyone else, but for yourself. You deserve the best! Take care.

    1. Thanks so much, it always helps to some degree to hear something supportive from someone new. 2013 will hopefully be a year of development and change and progress, so it’s onwards and upwards and yes, plenty of breathing!

      1. That response deserves such a big, warm hug! I am glad you’re already on the right track for success this year! Your strength and determination is greatly appreciated. πŸ˜€

  2. I suffer from depression, and I also have a very difficult time when my partner goes away. For example: http://tamagotchbowie.wordpress.com/2012/11/15/brevity-is-the-soul-of-wit/

    My typical advice when someone thinks they might have depression goes something like this: (1) talk to your family doctor about it, tell them you would like to (2) see a psychiatrist, and then (3) get a therapist.

    In short, get as much help as you can, and don’t be ashamed to ask for it!

    First time at your blog, nice to meet you, Emily

    1. It’s certainly on my to-do list – it’s just such a foreign area to me that I’m a little overwhelmed. I’m such a pro with regular ol’ healthcare, at least, with regard to gastroenterology, but I’ve no idea how the system works for mental health in my fine little nation, so I think, as you say, I’ll have a chat to my GP when next I go in, and see where we can go from there.

      Nice to meet you too, always lovely to have new faces appearing on the blog radar!

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