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So, I’m not sure how many people reading this on a regular basis have investigated this blog because of its IBD/health connections, but as you may or may not be aware, in addition to my on-going 365 pieces project, I am trying to work on getting together a greater number of pieces on gastrointestinal (and mental, which I have delved into recently, too) health. But on the off chance that any of you have a vested interest in any subsections of said health issues, I thought I’d put it to you, my hypothetical readers, to have a say. Current areas I’ll probably look into in the near future are…

  • experiences on the ward
  • NZ healthcare and why it’s awesome
  • the wonders of prednisone
  • the wonders of tramadol
  • the wonders of fentanyl/whatever other drugs they give me before ‘scoping
  • the difference medication makes
  • a thorough investigation into/explanation of the differences between IBD and IBS
  • IBD and ‘first world problems’ (this will require more elaboration at some stage, I guess)
  • gluten? dairy?  & other irksome questions from well-meaning people
  • why I should get a j-pouch/why I should get an ostomy/why I should avoid surgery at whatever cost
  • more mental health/confessions of a depressive IBDer
  • what the hell can you eat, then Briar?

That’s the list I scribbled a couple of days ago, anyway. So there are a fair few different areas to jump on into – but if anyone thinks any sound particularly juicy, then do let me know, because writing for the Internet generally involves appealing the masses, to some extent!

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