4 thoughts on “on DRUGS (with PICTURES!)”

  1. Everyone has their cures. Many of mine did not work. I can say though… pills did NOT work for me and made it worse. Pills like those almost made me kill myself. I found that weed actually worked better then pills… but it just put the pain off for another day. I wish you the best in your search for your own personal cure.

    1. Absolutely – IBD especially can vary so hugely person to person, and it’s a pain in the arse (pun intended, naturally). Next time I see my GI, I’m going to seriously talk to him about the aza and Asacol, as they obviously do have some potentially dire side-effects in rare cases, and in some ways I would like to try my chances off them – it’s not like they’re going anywhere.
      I do somewhat take solace in the fact, though, that if worse comes to worst, surgery is an option, and a ‘solution’ as it were, since it’s been thoroughly established that it’s definitely UC and not Crohn’s. And whilst surgery would still require some maintenance, and possibly some medication, it’s unlikely to be as intense as my current regime, that’s for sure!
      If/when medical MJ becomes approved in NZ, I’d certainly want to look into that, but for now, it’s on the backburner, unfortunately.

      1. I took a very strong anti depressant pill at one point in my life and it made it so I “could not feel sad.” What they did not warn me of was that although I could not “feel” sad my body knew I was sad and I would start to cry from the smallest thing… like seeing rain. I hope to never feel that way again and I hope that one day you won’t either!

  2. Thank you! I’m not officially diagnosed as depressed, nor am I on anti-depressants at all, but I’m certainly planning on mentioning these issues to my GP when next I see him – I’m aware enough that my behaviour and reactions aren’t ‘normal’ – I’d prefer to steer clear from anti-depressants entirely, but I’ll see if he has anything useful to say, and I guess I’ll go from there. I’ve come to realise that ignoring health issues is certainly not the best course of action!

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