risky business

eating apple pie
a happy way to die
a blissful mouthful worth the pain
for all foods make me cry

I spent much of this evening writing a short story as a last minute journal submission, so I’m a bit creatively drained, so I apologise, this is not my finest work. AND ALSO, TOMORROW BEING THE LAST DAY OF JANUARY (holla from the future, NZ rules etc etc) will mark a full month of this ‘365 pieces’ project, and whilst the pieces have been greatly varied in scope and quality, I’m pretty pleased that I’ve stuck it out this long. It’s provided me with a good creative outlet, both in general ‘I need to up my writing output’ terms, and, of course, something to keep me occupied while the boyfriend has been in far away places and I’ve been somewhat lonely. So thanks for reading, and I promise tomorrow’s piece will be a little more… inspired. After all, I’ll have hours of sitting around on the ward to brainstorm!

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Basically, I deal in words.

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