i am caught in a world of colour
and glee
and hope
and community

i am caught in a world that shines
and sparkles
and catches the light

even if some
would call my existence
in this world
still it is my world
my people
my identity

and no amount
of supposed heteronormativity
can take that away


[Today was Auckland’s first Pride parade in 12 years, and it was phenomenal. Until my current partner and I got together, I had only had relationships – or even just KISSED – with other girls/women, depending on what age you’re talking about, I suppose. Being that I’m in what could be easily perceived as a run-of-the-mill heterosexual relationship at this point in time, sometimes I do feel a bit separate from my queer friends – if only because I no longer face some of the trials and tribulations that they do, solely because of who I happen to have fallen for. But, days like today, when I get out the ol’ rainbow bandana, put on the purple eye-makeup, and prepare for eye candy of any and all genders and gender presentations, I am reminded that I am still a part of that world. I’m queer – bisexual, pansexual, whatever you want to label me as – and I love it.]

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