caffeine nation

back to the grind
the grind the grind
back to the age old grind

an earthy taste
acquired, for sure
i drink you in
an evolution through the ages

the forced sips of mochaccino
chocolate masking the bitter jolt

flat white,
three sugars stirred in briskly
(before flat white, trim milk, no sugar, thanks
look at me, ma!
drinking it like a grown up!)

a stepping stone,
that’s cafe macchiato, friends
not some starbucks latte macchiato
all milk and a caramel and a hint of arabica
my little cup
marked with a little milk
back when such things
passed my lips

then long black
espresso dreams
(or nightmares, depending)
hot water on the side
to crawl towards palatability
a syrupy potency
of those sleepless dreams

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Basically, I deal in words.

One thought on “caffeine nation”

  1. Nice!

    On the joking side, it’s nearly 5AM here and I need to get some sleep, but I just want to head to the kitchen and concoct a caffeinated beverage after reading this.

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