hello, stranger

hello, stranger
you are stranger still
than ever i knew
here in my memories
the only place i know you still
i call you a stranger
for that’s what you have become
a face once familiar
then loathed
feared, even
feared what you’d become
(to me
to everyone else
you were unchanged
perhaps you still are)
but never lost
never gone

you may have forgotten me
sands of time
all those cliches
does time mend all wounds?
or does it just render them
lessened, numbed
left to the past
but able to catch

you are a person
and you are people
and you are places
and you are a life i once knew
you are the past i claim
you are the loves that have gone
within me
beyond me
alongside me
how very strange

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Basically, I deal in words.

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