svetlana rodriguez

when you realise it’s nearly ten
and you’ve had a bit
of a sip
of a drink
or two
and are at that lovely point
where your typing’s not quite right
but you know
so you return
and fix it
and the glow
round the screen
makes the whole thing
all right
and you beam
and you seem
ever so slightly
as you think
about brunch
and the things you’d like to eat
and the ham
that they ate
(didn’t leave
any for me)
and the fact
that your poem
feels like a chant
or a song
and all the moments
tied together
am i doing it wrong?
her name is
svetlana rodriguez
pleased to meet your acquaintance
russian father
mexican mother
sassy pants
love the world
icy and cold
wants to hug you
lime flavoured wonder
or do you wonder?

do we all wonder?
what i am doing
that i owe this
a typed dedication
to this date
in order to
successfully pull off
however many days
of the year have passed

and congratulate me too
for i have survived
the worst weeks of work
that one ever will see
i am an academic goddess
of wisdom
or of thought
my name is briar
or athena
and my mind is full of sparks
or fireworks
called potential
and i cannot claim to be

anything apart from slightly intoxicated
baby, can’t you see?

so i ran away so i might pen
or rather, so i might
put to keys of black and grey
this verse i write tonight
it is long and it is ragged
full of words of which
i’m not so sure
and its rhyme scheme is
threadbare at best

i don’t care
i love you all

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Basically, I deal in words.

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