in this place

in this place
(besides you and me)
surrounded by
definitions of us

a mirror
of course
with age has come
of the kohl’d and lipsticked variety
but a mirror
surrounded by
cardboard rectangles
of colour and life
exotic locales and films
artworks and comics
and inspirational quotes
a black and white portrait
of my authoress

a warhol print
slightly tattered
not torn
placed behind a
flute and ukulele
and a sloth
destined for a new home soon
and fingerpainting
and a fantasy author’s

a map
make that two
make that three
a cartographic dream
is what i live
what i impose upon these walls

a tardis
soldiers standing guard
at either end of the bookshelf
a dark knight
and an ewok
amongst friends

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Basically, I deal in words.

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