how we were

We danced madly through the night.

It was just what we did, back then. Back then, like it couldn’t happen again… because really, realistically, could it? All those circumstances that came to pass, that made everything happen… but anyway. That’s besides the point.

We danced madly through the night. Up streets, down avenues, chasing dreams and squirrels and musicians and tumbleweeds. We sang songs on street corners until enough had been tossed out our feet that we could buy a slice of pizza each and say we were living the dream. We kissed each other and the faces of strangers. We told each other how amazing we were, how important we were, how the universe was better for our collaborative existence. We walked miles in each others shoes, because they were the same size and it certainly did open our eyes, because it was night time, and there was so much more to see.

And we danced, how we danced. Along the waterfront, hoping for the waves to crash against the rocks so that we might be rained upon by the ocean itself, cool salt tears for our warm bodies.

(ed. there have been requests for more prose, and since prose IS more my natural state – poetry is quicker and easier for this space – so, here we go. Also, this is LAST night’s piece, it did not submit properly. There may be some submission issues over the next few days, as I’ll be away without my laptop, but rest assured that even if pieces don’t quite go up when they are ‘supposed’ to, they are still being created, and they WILL make it to the blog!)

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Basically, I deal in words.

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