close encounters of the bowel kind

Good morning, my pretties! Time for a brief intestinal update, because that’s what’s on my mind now. I’m on the final stretch before a colonoscopy today – down to no food, no fluids, absolutely nil by mouth (although I did brush my teeth – REBEL). I took a long luxurious shower to try to avoid total bodily dehydration… my veins are bad at the worst of times, and   it’s pretty grim when the nurses have to give up on you and pass you on to the busy doctors to stab you properly.

This is, for those interested, my third full colonoscopy. In addition to these, I’ve had… six (I think?) flexible sigmoidoscopies, which don’t require the drinking of nasty evil potions, but do require the eternal thrill of nurse-administered enemas prior to the exam. Fun.

The worst part is over, though (although the waiting waiting waiting at the hospital does tend to grind one’s gears a tad) – the actual procedure is relatively easy, compared to the prep, especially once the damned lure is in, and they load you up with fentanyl and/or whatever other fancy sedatives they’ve got in the mix. That ain’t so bad.

Sooooo I will probably post something slightly sedative-induced at a later point today, which hopefully will include pictures of the oh-so-fun experience.


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