an apology, in poetic form, on competition and honiara [29th june]

my friends
and followers
i am so racked by guilt
not one
but two days
with nothing creative
to report
but you see
i have excuses
though you may
think them poor
i feel that they’re
somewhat enough
for life gets in the way
at least on friday
i did post
an image of my
and other happenings
going on
surround my days
for now

for you see i have been
a larger piece
it’s true
for a big ol’ writing
so i can’t show it
to you

and the other spanner
in the works
that’s eating up
my time
my father’s moving
to a rather

so i have written
and now submitted
and i am to

but i promise that
this evening
my penance
will be paid.

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Basically, I deal in words.

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