health insurance [backdated sept 12th]

i imagine gold
dripping through my fingers
pooling at my feet
to be taken from me
reverse transmuted
into some kind of
colourful pill
to be swallowed
to see what happens

This was triggered by reading yet another post somewhere about the costs involved with drugs and treatment and plain old appointments for people with IBD (and other conditions, obviously, but whaddaya thing I’m going to be reading about?) in countries other than my own.

It sickens me, seriously. And it makes me feel extremely lucky that I live in New Zealand, where my surgery costs me nothing*, my ostomy supplies cost me nothing, my infliximab infusions cost me nothing. The only thing I’ve ever had to pay for are regular prescriptions, and those are $5 a pop, generally for a three month supply. And if I go over 20 scripts in a year, the rest will be free.

Anyway. That’s just me ranting, and wishing that my friends in the US didn’t get such a raw deal when it comes to what is basically the most essential part of continued existence – their health.

*nothing out of pocket, obviously I understand that this is paid for through taxes, and thank all and any various deities for that.

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