365 pieces – the eleventh month

Obviously we’re still a few days out from it actually being November, but I thought I’d best update you blog-following folks as to what my plan it. You see, as many of you will be aware, November is the month of NaNoWriMo, the ‘National Novel Writing Month’ that is, in fact, now international. I’ve always intended to do it, but life/classes/excuses got in the way, and I never ‘won’, as they call it. However, this year I’ve got ten months of almost daily output on my side – and as much as a ten line poem isn’t quite the same as 1667 words a day (on average), I think that the habitual nature of writing for me at this point in the year will hopefully help me in my quest to cobble together something of relative value.

This does mean, however, that most of my writing hours will be dedicated to this cause, which means that I’ll more than likely utilise snippets from the day’s writings for my ‘365 pieces’ post. Sometimes I’ll mix it up and do something completely different, sometimes I’ll use whatever I’ve been writing, blend it up, and turn prose into a poem. Othertimes, it may just be a particularly melodious extract. We shall see. But I thought I’d warn you, just in case you wonder where all the erratic verse has gone, replaced by more cohesive prose at times!


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