a words with friends and christmas poem

we dined on the finest nosh
that the bazaar could provide
some would chug on eau de vie
brandishing an awl of their tribe
fearful that a foe comes
from the gulch next door
protect the pa from a golf course future
mesh fences protect
or add allure to
the broken yacht
where the moon wanes
and an old man clutches either
a broken lath
or instrument aiding ye olde yean
a confused ewe in the torque of the earth
as  her gut will ache

while a disk plays fa and la
viruses wiped by some dev
pass the turkey
say ta
play nim with aunty
a young voice like a filly’s gait
“na. nope. perv!”

(In my wonderful friend Annabelle’s honour – after finishing a fairly neck and neck game of Words with Friends, she suggested making a poem of them. Naturally, it was a case of challenge-freaking-accepted. Every word that featured in our game is contained within this poem, which managed to take on a slight family-shenanigans/pastoral Christmassy tone. Kind of. Or just ramshackle wordy madness. Take your pick!

AND! Last poem of the project tomorrow! I will be out in the early evening, but I’ll try to get something posted before midnight.)

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Basically, I deal in words.

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