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Well, my dears, I know that I haven’t been terribly good at updating now that my official project is done, but there are reviews in the works (recently finished The Great Gatsby, finally, and just read The Wasp Factory,  which was both highly disturbing and excellent all at once. Currently reading The Metamorphosis, among other things.

Life has been getting in the way of posting,  though. Finishing at work (scary!), organising a Wellington flat and part time job – and the last couple of days, actually driving down from Auckland. If you know much about NZ geography and current events, however… it means that I am currently in Palmerston North… the closest city to the earthquake epicentre yesterday. The biggest/only earthquake I’ve ever felt was about a 2.0 in Auckland (where we have a bunch of dormant/extinct volcanoes, but little current geological activity). Which felt like a big truck rumble.

Yesterday was a 6.2. Holy mother of God. I have not been that scared… possibly ever. It just kept going and going. Nothing even fell over where we were (motel rooms are mercifully fairly bare when it comes to furnishing!) but it was violent as hell and the ground swayed for some time after. And then the worry of aftershocks keeping one constantly on edge.

Not the best fun. And in the immediate aftermath is the terrifying moment where you wonder where it was centered – if it was this strong here, was it right near us? Or was it something insanely big down in Wellington? Knowing as we do in NZ the destruction that can come with large quakes – hell, yesterday’s quake was basically the same magnitude as the catastrophic February 2011 one in Christchurch (though that was much shallower and therefore more horrendously damaging) – I had a moment of wondering will I have a flat to move to?

Basically, I don’t recommend. Suffice to say I will be prepping an emergency kiy as soon as I’m in my new place. Stay safe, and keep reading, people!

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