latest updates (march 12th)

I think I will work towards being a little more efficient with roundups of pieces published elsewhere, just to keep things ticking along.

I have had two pieces published on Radio New Zealand’s ‘The Wireless’ website – one on life with an ostomy and IBD and a review of Eleanor Catton’s New Zealand Book Council lecture as part of the NZ Festival Writers Week. For on-going updates of my latest pieces on The Wireless, I have an author page, too!

I have done a bunch of short reviews for the NZ Festival blog, with my initial piece currently up and the rest to follow…

And otherwise, I have been working 10+ hour days most days in the past week, have become familiar with pretty much every inch of the Embassy cinema complex, and have met/seen a lot of amazing authors and book industry people. My phone decided to die shortly after today’s working hours (and therefore Writers Week itself) were over, so that was less than ideal. But I have books signed by Eleanor Catton and Alison Bechdel in my possession, so it’s hard to be too mad at the world right now.

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