hello again, friend of a friend…


It has been a while!

Eventually, I will finish the follow-up to the last entry (AKA the Amanda Palmer/Emilyn Brodsky experience), but for now, here is a brief life update.

I have been busy. I have been unwell. I am still both those things. Hopefully the unwell one will abate sooner rather than later, but it’s hard to know with twisted insides like mine.

I have moved house since last I spoke, and now I officially live in a little cottage that I rather love in Mt Cook – which I also love, because the name will perplex all non-Wellingtonians kiwifolk. But I am finding myself spending more and more time at the apartment of a certain theatre-making someone who we will refer to herewith as Batman.

Batman’s really great.

So that’s been part of the distraction too. Being sick, finishing up coursework, ramping up work hours, stressing about overdue reviews, writing articles on genderqueer rappers (SO RAD – will link when it’s up) and living in a sudden and altogether unexpected state of early unfurling relationship joy.

Today is the first day of December. The first day of summer, and yet the temperature outside is reading at 6°C right now, when the wonderful Wellingtonian windchill is taken into account. That’s 42.8°F, for strangers from strange lands. I know that people in the US seem to start their seasonal dating from the solstices and equinoxes, regardless of anything, the beginning of December shouldn’t be that cold. A small temperate regret with regard to moving to this more southerly clime.

But that’s one of few regrets, these days. Wellington is a melting pot of wonders, and even though I know that there is suburban life beyond the Aro Valley and Newtown, it always feels so much more magical and creative and full of possibility. So I have no excuse not to be writing, with the whole coursework-finished-up and hypothetical-better-health-on-the-horizon things lingering. And particularly the spending significant amounts of time with another writerly type thing.

Since part of why Batman decided that he liked me was reading my words on this here blog (I’m as confused as you are, dear readers, but I’m not complaining), and we both managed to accidentally muck up doing NaNo, I’ve decided that I’m going to get back to my blogging roots and post something here every day for December. No guarantees as to what it will be – poetry, health venting, prose, reviews – but it’ll be something. And I’ll try not to cheat by only linking to pieces that have been published elsewhere.

So say The Writer.

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