The Crohn’s Saga (to date)

2 thoughts on “The Crohn’s Saga (to date)”

  1. I think your first GI did you an injustice putting you directly in a clinical trial. That is saved for a last resort- and in a clinical trial you have the chance of getting the placebo! Also, in the states they prescribe remixade, humira, and simponi for UC for biologics. I don’t know what’s available to you where u live- but the dr should of put you on remicade first. I know you moved; so I hope you have a new GI. I didn’t get a chance to finish reading your story but I will. Wishing you health and happiness! Keep fighting through this brutal disease!

    1. In New Zealand, Remicade is the only biologic currently approved for UC (I know Humira is in the works, though) – and it was a weird red tape thing, because usually I wouldn’t have been able to get it for left sided colitis at all, only pan-colitis. It was a bit weird, you’re right – but since I didn’t respond to the Remicade either, it wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened. Aside from being swayed that way by the head of gastro, that GI was fantastic, for the most part. My most recent GI was also great – and since I’ve just moved again, I meet my new one on Thursday! Excited and nervous. Always persevering 🙂

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