honiara essays

I have a million things to still write about Honiara. Here is what will eventually (touch wood) eventuate:

  • My first foray into sports writing, by way of describing two separate volleyball matches between various teams made up of local folks working in the legal sector. The High Court has two dusty volleyball courts right next door. This is one of my favourite things about Honiara.
  • Writing something about Seif Ples and the amazing work that the women who work there do to help domestic violence victims in times of absolute crisis.
  • The food. Coconuts. Cold pineapple straight from the fridge. Banana loaf made with small slightly red, very sweet local varieties. Ngali nuts. Expat pizzas. Expensive savoured chocolate. Cocomon smoothies. Bush lime everywhere.
  • The clothing. The bale shop offerings in a rainbow of colours and shapes and all possibly treated with some kind of nasty chemical somewhere en route so everything needs to be adequately washed before wearing. The bizarre mix of t-shirts that turn up: Megadeth, Zumba, Spongebob, Marilyn Manson, ‘MAFIOSO’, Deadmaus, Cookie Monster.
  • Pijin. A village called Dereni, because it’s right beside a drain site. ‘Tanggio tumas’ raising a smile from locals in the market. ‘Rais blong yumi long Solomon’.
  • A drunk public servant called David from the far west of the island group describing how much they love Kiwis back home and how every year in August they celebrate New Zealand Landing Day, when Kiwi troops arrived there in WW2.
  • Lyndon and his awesome kids and entrepreneurial mind and amazing view out towards Central Province.
  • Everything on Savo.
  • The fact that I desperately want to go back.

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