no christmas

no tinsel no holly no pine needles to gather in small crevices lingering til july no carols or fruitcakes no desire for such pointless frivolities when all is said and done no gifts carefully picked and wrapped just so no playground plans no sunshine strolls no love no life just, no. Continue reading no christmas

auckland summer dreaming

grounds heavy with pohutukawa and melted ice cream and gritty sand traipsed from beach to grass to asphalt too hot for tender soles janus of the isthmus iron sands and blond one face of either colour talk about arabian nights enter the aucklander fifty shades of blue and grey and white curling around each other … Continue reading auckland summer dreaming


every drop of breath catching releasing and shattering into the void of the outside world molecular sorrow as it passes from containment into the other the wild Continue reading oxygen