labyrinth (365 pieces – january 4th)

I will pick my path around pilesbuilt tall from trees once tallerbut still tall enoughan end never in sightwords covering every surfacenone could comprehend them allthis number recurringnine seveneightnine seven eight in starlit bookish nichesinching scavengers bending nightinto several broken nocturnesinside, such blissful nonsense. nine seven eight / you’ll never be lateyour friends in the pages … Continue reading labyrinth (365 pieces – january 4th)

january 2 (365 pieces)

january 2 she likes to think she’s representing the every-woman the one hollywood had her believe in who wept into tubs of ice cream and didn’t know what to believe in it’s sorbet, because here too she’s part of the disaffected lactose-free city slicker generation but she digs in the spoon anyway, cold lemon kisses … Continue reading january 2 (365 pieces)