the karaka tree

the karaka tree was full of berries we couldn’t eat them / orange and hard tiny cherries of another time crushed them between our fingers and rubbed into the grass I scared myself into scalding hot water / the only way to be sure that I would bite my nails chew a knuckle bored in … Continue reading the karaka tree

life between the pages

Readers, I apologise for my lack of updates. It has not been intentional – as previously mentioned, This Wellingtonian Life™ has been a little bit entirely hectic, and my wordy wherewithal has been pointed in other directions. But I’d better update you as to said directions, hadn’t I? Well. 1) I wrote an article for … Continue reading life between the pages


(a literary homage to ‘december’ by zoe boekbinder) in january so young i was not a year ago dark nights because you were so far in deserts cold while in sun-strewn rooms i felt so old february then brought you back hearts flew high as they shed their black march my life was hard and … Continue reading january