i do not forget only pouring coffee liqueurinto small crystal glasses prisms and light-play deep & aqueous strange elixir held high catching sun and the dim glow from overhead lamps Continue reading actions


pink is the colour of bare, fresh skin not yet ready to be touched by the airs and the graces of the world it is the colour of strange hair bleached and stained in a fit of madness again and again until it defines the unloved pink is the colour of love and of hope … Continue reading raw

stolen from us

when minds have changed filtered through years and whispered words grown to believe in goodness in the dark grown to believe in letting go and moving on and leaving the lost behind sitting on a bed in a room in a faraway place where the people who once were there have been stolen away and … Continue reading stolen from us

no christmas

no tinsel no holly no pine needles to gather in small crevices lingering til july no carols or fruitcakes no desire for such pointless frivolities when all is said and done no gifts carefully picked and wrapped just so no playground plans no sunshine strolls no love no life just, no. Continue reading no christmas