wholly bagels & pizza – a review on the fly

small but perfectly formed. This is actually sort of a three part review, because I have had Wholly Bagels & Pizza thrice since my arrival. Oops. But I’ll focus on the first time, which was the best experience. Cuba Mall is probably my favourite of the branches that I’ve visited, and the coffee was on point – long blacks are always a good way of gauging an establishment’s coffee-concocting abilities, since it’s coffee sans any flourishes. Short blacks would be similarly useful, I imagine, but their potency is just a little much for me to handle. My mum assures me … Continue reading wholly bagels & pizza – a review on the fly

alleluya! it’s spqr!

So, it may be raining again today, but yesterday was a gloriously sunshiney kind of day. To the point where siestas were required mid afternoon, just to regain some of the energy sapped by the sun and an early start. But it did offer some moments of appreciation for Auckland’s inner-city offerings, with regard to food and shopping. Especially food. That may be the prednisone talking, to some extent, but hey! If it means that brunch is more thoroughly enjoyed, so be it. And it is on that theme, therefore, that I bring you some details of said loveliness, so … Continue reading alleluya! it’s spqr!