Unitarianism Update

Working on various reviews at the moment (bit overworked and overwrought to pour enough energy into any single title at a time right now) but if you’d like to have a glance at things that I’ve been up to at the moment in The Real World, here links to (and snippets from) my last couple of event write-ups for Unity Books. Omar Musa visited us for his first event outside of Australia. Review and photos by yours truly. We cranked (shop-appropriate) rap tracks and made stupid/hilarious “here comes the dog!” jokes with regard to Tilly’s naughty but loved (or at least tolerated, … Continue reading Unitarianism Update

the karaka tree

the karaka tree was full of berries we couldn’t eat them / orange and hard tiny cherries of another time crushed them between our fingers and rubbed into the grass I scared myself into scalding hot water / the only way to be sure that I would bite my nails chew a knuckle bored in the boughs die a death of karaka-stained teeth a small blonde body in the jonquils Continue reading the karaka tree

life between the pages

Readers, I apologise for my lack of updates. It has not been intentional – as previously mentioned, This Wellingtonian Life™ has been a little bit entirely hectic, and my wordy wherewithal has been pointed in other directions. But I’d better update you as to said directions, hadn’t I? Well. 1) I wrote an article for xoJane! That was pretty crazy. 2) I had my first full page article in NZ Musician 3) I am about to launch into Writers Week, both for work and for reviewing. And that’s on top of all of my regular bookstore work and starting my … Continue reading life between the pages


(a literary homage to ‘december’ by zoe boekbinder) in january so young i was not a year ago dark nights because you were so far in deserts cold while in sun-strewn rooms i felt so old february then brought you back hearts flew high as they shed their black march my life was hard and torn as nights grew cold you kept me warm april escapes to keep us sane as long as it was you i’d take any train may was mere autumn and life went on nothing to report was going wrong june and birthdays winter and hope … Continue reading january

a words with friends and christmas poem

we dined on the finest nosh that the bazaar could provide some would chug on eau de vie brandishing an awl of their tribe fearful that a foe comes from the gulch next door protect the pa from a golf course future mesh fences protect or add allure to the broken yacht where the moon wanes and an old man clutches either a broken lath or instrument aiding ye olde yean a confused ewe in the torque of the earth as  her gut will ache elsewhere christmas while a disk plays fa and la viruses wiped by some dev pass … Continue reading a words with friends and christmas poem