they toss flowers

they toss flowers
at his feet
offer congratulations
at such success
while she stands
in the cold
broken inside
and out
as her friends
lavish praise
upon the one
who undid her
who tossed her aside
and continued
on his quest
for glory
while she tried
in vain
to pick up
scattered pieces
of a pointless life
but now he has
his glory
and the love
of those who
she thought were
her own
who may have loved her
once  upon
a time now lost
her now
has become
tears and plentiful
and no one to wipe
her cheek.

another cliff

her hope is her
lifeline and she
clings to it
so tightly
hands calloused
with fear and
with uncertainty
each day he
wears away at it
little by little
the marks show
as tiny scratches
on arms and legs

the day she realises
there is no hope
will be the day she
is released
and behind her
hair will stream
on the wind
as she plunges
into the depths
and onto the breeze