It’s still feeling peculiar writing ’11 for the year. I guess that tends to linger until the end of the summer. Which is creeping alarmingly close, actually. January’s really disappeared rather quickly. But this blog is not to whine about my perception of time. Nay, this entry is about something far more exciting. For last … Continue reading BIG DAY OUT 2011

still alive, still alive

Life descends into horrible vapidness when the December retail season hits. Working too much, and hating every moment of it save for the occasional hair-related compliment and/or intelligent literary discussion that comes along once in a blue moon. This is why I could never ever work full time in that place. Anyway. Desire to read … Continue reading still alive, still alive


It sounds like an Apple product of some kind, with the ‘i’ at the front, but that’s just me attempting to include myself in the phenomenon that is NaNoWriMo. Since it stands for ‘National Novel-Writing Month’, I feel obliged to switch it up for my unAmerican purposes. InterNational Novel-Writing Month. iNaNoWriMo. Catchy, n’est-ce pas? Perhaps … Continue reading iNaNoWriMo

‘vampire weekend are full of it.’ or ‘a tale of oxford commas!’

Warning – the entry uses the word ‘fuck’ a lot. Primarily because Vampire Weekend use it in their song Oxford Comma. Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma? I’ve seen those English dramas too They’re cruel. Dear Vampire Weekend, I give a fuck about an Oxford comma. Or the fucking around of an Oxford … Continue reading ‘vampire weekend are full of it.’ or ‘a tale of oxford commas!’