Little House Near the Dairy

Sometimes you shouldn’t go with the first pun that comes into your head, but so be it. My partner Uther and I have just moved into our own place for the first time. Exciting! It’s nice and fresh and modern, hooray! It’s also very small. It’s a studio, sort of a detached granny flat, really. But we live within these walls and nobody else does, so it’s a good time. Or it will be, once we have it set up. Small houses are a major Thing right now. So good work, self. We’re bang on trend. But small houses that … Continue reading Little House Near the Dairy

Salt Lick

last time all of us a smaller, self-contained, of the moment kind of all of us we sat at the water she went into the ocean her feet cautious then enraptured the elongated vowels of a toddler whose life is overwhelming/exciting/in danger pick one she’s not sure herself trying to stamp down the water as it licks her ankles swift kicks and sun hats and sandals up on the sand we watched and laughed and talked and said we’ll keep in touch Continue reading Salt Lick

Shouts from the void…

I’ve been so dreadful at maintaining this lately. Life is busy, and it’s winter. Combine those two things with an eternally uncooperative immune system and chronic blah-blah-blah and I’ve been pretty exhausted when I’ve been in a position to write things. Which is a pain, both for my disposable income and my general creative juices. So, an update: In curly health news! I have written a thing for the Crohn’s & Colitis NZ website about my experience living with IBD. I also spoke last week at a meeting of Inner Wheel (a women’s branch of Rotary), along with Brian Poole, the chairman of … Continue reading Shouts from the void…

What I haven’t read. A confessional. Of sorts.

It began in an unassuming fashion. He who I have called Batman here once or twice thought it would be a good idea to go through the Rotten Tomatoes Top 100 of All Time list and see what we (read: mostly I) hadn’t seen. And this selection would become a list of films to watch over the coming months. Batman studied theatre and film at university and is a playwright and general writerly person on things theatrical. Let me just clear that up. I have an English degree and my entire adult life has been spent in bookshops. (This is me … Continue reading What I haven’t read. A confessional. Of sorts.

“I’m gonna censor the shit out of this lies”

Batman wants me to write about him. “What do you want me to say?” I ask. “Just anything,” he replies. And then he looks over my shoulder and says “Oh, don’t write that!” But I tell him he deserves it. And he does, really, for the previous transgression of captioning photos “You should take a photo and put it on Twitter.” and the like. He is currently playing on his DS, swearing angrily at Yoshi and Mario. He wants me to clarify that it’s actually “Yoshi as Mario.” I remember now – he did mention earlier that Yoshi was wearing a … Continue reading “I’m gonna censor the shit out of this lies”