So drained. So overwhelmed. All I can think about right now is how I don’t have any pictures of Olive and me together. And now there will start to be pictures of Olive and The New and Horrible One. And that really, really depresses me. There is something both hilarious and terrible about being in tears for most of the evening while a movie called ‘LOL’ plays in the background (the French original, not the Miley Cyrus remake, for the record). Here’s hoping my face isn’t too puffy for interactions with Camilla Lackberg tomorrow. Because apparently my current tactic in … Continue reading drained

the invisible man (with no disrepect to wells or ellison)

I wrote this for you, before I knew better, before I understood how to reach in and tease the air from greedy alveoli back into the process, less catching in my chest as when you’re on my mind. I wrote this in the moment, reflexive and bemused, a parallel existence in my imagination, not dramatic enough for paper, not reasonable enough for real life, just a hope, skip and a dreamy jump away from this moment, alone in the hills. Learning so much, about overwriting but not underwriting, about strange magician’s ciphers and the things that people do not know. … Continue reading the invisible man (with no disrepect to wells or ellison)

latest updates (march 12th)

I think I will work towards being a little more efficient with roundups of pieces published elsewhere, just to keep things ticking along. I have had two pieces published on Radio New Zealand’s ‘The Wireless’ website – one on life with an ostomy and IBD and a review of Eleanor Catton’s New Zealand Book Council lecture as part of the NZ Festival Writers Week. For on-going updates of my latest pieces on The Wireless, I have an author page, too! I have done a bunch of short reviews for the NZ Festival blog, with my initial piece currently up and … Continue reading latest updates (march 12th)

life between the pages

Readers, I apologise for my lack of updates. It has not been intentional – as previously mentioned, This Wellingtonian Life™ has been a little bit entirely hectic, and my wordy wherewithal has been pointed in other directions. But I’d better update you as to said directions, hadn’t I? Well. 1) I wrote an article for xoJane! That was pretty crazy. 2) I had my first full page article in NZ Musician 3) I am about to launch into Writers Week, both for work and for reviewing. And that’s on top of all of my regular bookstore work and starting my … Continue reading life between the pages

This Wellingtonian Life™ (not actually trademarked) – in which I talk about many things, including serendipity, words and coffee

Kia ora, readers! Before I forget to mention it, I first need to mention I HAVE A REAL PROPER WEBSITE. http://www.rawlibrary.co.nz. Please do check it out. Rest assured, this is still where the blogging shall happen. It has been a bit of a lull, I know – I’ve had intermittent internet coverage, and all sorts of things on my plate. But today, I have set up camp in the lovely Wellington Central Library, and am mooching off the half hour of free internet before I succumb to paying for more. February 2nd – the day I move into my flat … Continue reading This Wellingtonian Life™ (not actually trademarked) – in which I talk about many things, including serendipity, words and coffee

an update… from reasonably near eketahuna

Well, my dears, I know that I haven’t been terribly good at updating now that my official project is done, but there are reviews in the works (recently finished The Great Gatsby, finally, and just read The Wasp Factory,  which was both highly disturbing and excellent all at once. Currently reading The Metamorphosis, among other things. Life has been getting in the way of posting,  though. Finishing at work (scary!), organising a Wellington flat and part time job – and the last couple of days, actually driving down from Auckland. If you know much about NZ geography and current events, … Continue reading an update… from reasonably near eketahuna