Ég er ekki í raun að tala íslensku en hægt er að nota á netinu þýðendum.

I haven’t said much about music lately, aside from grammatical references in pseudo-indie songs of yesteryear. Sure, this blog is called ‘Raw Library’, but it’s not meant to be exclusively about books. Oh no. Because, in fact, I do a lot more music-listening than I do reading/writing, truth be told – probably because it can be more of a background activity, but still. My eventual career ambitions lie around words of the penned variety, yes, but my musical obsession is also significant. I’m the kind of girl who flies places for concerts, wastes her meagre pay on CDs – actual … Continue reading Ég er ekki í raun að tala íslensku en hægt er að nota á netinu þýðendum.

‘vampire weekend are full of it.’ or ‘a tale of oxford commas!’

Warning – the entry uses the word ‘fuck’ a lot. Primarily because Vampire Weekend use it in their song Oxford Comma. Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma? I’ve seen those English dramas too They’re cruel. Dear Vampire Weekend, I give a fuck about an Oxford comma. Or the fucking around of an Oxford comma, at least. No love*, Briar. *Not to mention that with their accents they sound like they’re saying karma. At least, they sound like a citizen of various Commonwealth locales saying karma. And saying ‘fuck you’ to karma is a Bad Plan, I’m pretty sure. … Continue reading ‘vampire weekend are full of it.’ or ‘a tale of oxford commas!’

middle earth = new zealand. duh.

I love my homeland an extraordinary amount. We have the best accents (universally loved, it seems, perhaps apart from our Austrahhhhlian neighbours), the best awkward birds (the kiwi and beyond), sauce dispensers shaped like their vegetable originators (tomato shaped tomato sauce/ketchup bottles) and scenery that will kick your country’s scenery (again, maybe looking at our friendly surf-obsessed venomous-animal-attached neighbours who have naught but desert) back to sunrise. Which isn’t hard, since we see the sun rise before anywhere else in the world. OH SNAP! And the world got to see our shiny pretty (not to mention BAD-ASS) scenery on three … Continue reading middle earth = new zealand. duh.

the republic of love(ly bones?)

The Lovely Bones is currently trending on Twitter, for what reason, I don’t know, but it’s interesting to see peoples comments about it. Most of them saying that they loved the book but disliked/hated the movie. Now, as an obvious Voracious Reader I’m frequently in the The Book Didn’t Live Up To The Movie camp, but this is an exception. I was not a fan of the book whatsoever. It’s like Jodi Picoult smoked some supernatural flavoured crack. It was the novel my class studied in Year 12 English (my favourite English year at school by far – but this … Continue reading the republic of love(ly bones?)

mission margaret/the atwood adventure.

Though I’m still somewhat engulfed in Tamora Pierce (even if I should be reading ‘The Republic Of Love’ by Carol Shields for an English test…) I’m beginning to think ahead, since this semester is almost gone, and summer stretches out ahead. Said summer is going to be the first since I started university that I won’t be getting myself educated over the January/February months (since this year I did summer school and the year before that I was on exchange and the semester started way earlier than it would have in Auckland-town). I will, unfortunately, be caught up in the … Continue reading mission margaret/the atwood adventure.

wait, what?

Like, you know what Aeneas? I might get slaves to pumice my feet, uh, I might go to Vulcan’s Unitarian Temple, maybe get hit by a chariot full of hot garbage juice, you know? Cause all those things, would be exponentially cooler than going to prom with you. – Juno   I believe she had this conversation with him via hamburger phone from Dido’s palace. (Can you tell I have an essay on The Aeneid due? It’s all about Juno’s character. I sorely wish I could enter the realm of orange striped shirted pregnant bellies and dry indie wit, but … Continue reading wait, what?

the graveyard mission

I’m calling myself queen of the double-entendre for this moment, even though the secondary element of this was only an afterthought once I’d typed ‘the graveyard mission’ as my title. The first plan was to write something moderately interesting (theoretically) about my finally having finished reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman – and the protracted period of time it took for me to do so. Hence ‘mission’. But then my mind started a-workin’, as it does every so often, and I recalled my own graveyard mission of yesteryear, or more of an adventure, I suppose, and decided that its tale … Continue reading the graveyard mission