I have a long history in the book industry and as such, I have a few strings to my bow. If you are in need of any of the following wordy services, you can email me [briar.rawlibrary@gmail] for more information on what exactly I can do for you and what rates are involved.

I can also provide samples of my work if requested—soon there will be a portfolio of sorts on this website, but in the meantime, feel free to ask for anything of particular interest.

  • Editorial work (from conceptual development and content editing to nitty-gritty copyediting)
  • Typesetting and internal design
  • Blurb writing (and writing any book-related copy)
  • Reviewing
  • Social media coordination
  • Website development and management
  • Event management (merchandising, advertising, bookstore and venue liaison, anything else that you may need sorted)
  • Book production (organising print-runs and distribution—and all the other mysterious things that publishers do behind the scenes)
  • Publicity and marketing

The combination of eight years of bookselling and a similar period spent writing for various places and spaces is one that has left me with a very solid understanding of the book market and of the inner (and outer!) workings of words. I am particularly passionate about fiction (‘genre’ fic is fine!), poetry and books for younger readers (from board books through to YA novels). However, I certainly am not limited to these areas and have a good grasp of more technical subject areas as well as wide-ranging interest in the non-fiction sphere.

Let’s make some magic happen, people.