We would file into changing rooms with pale-blue walls and wooden benches. Backpacks and sports bags hung from hooks while we shimmied underwear out from under/tartan skirts and hiked up navy blue togs. Blouse off, straps up, bra eased out from underneath. Ribbons removed from ponytails, hair bundled up and crammed under swimming caps in regulation house designs. Continue reading swim

auckland summer dreaming

grounds heavy with pohutukawa and melted ice cream and gritty sand traipsed from beach to grass to asphalt too hot for tender soles janus of the isthmus iron sands and blond one face of either colour talk about arabian nights enter the aucklander fifty shades of blue and grey and white curling around each other as paints swirled on a practice palette lightning struck and hail in sunshining weather Continue reading auckland summer dreaming

‘the fall of light’ and other things by sarah laing

As per my earlier The Luminaries review, this review was catalysed by my writing a review for our work website. It’s still in the works (I’m not so good at the concise two paragraph type set-up that our space constraints require) so here is my more verbose, more ‘just keep typing, it’ll make sense in the end’ review of Sarah Laing’s fantastic The Fall of Light. I can’t decide if it’s a fantastic or tough year to be a New Zealand writer. I suspect it’s a bit of both, for many – the Eleanor Catton effect has to be a tricky … Continue reading ‘the fall of light’ and other things by sarah laing

iron sand (365 pieces – january 6)

will o’ the wispi shall call itthe dancing black ghosts of a sand handful tossedinto the air, caught on winds from afarsee how they tumble about with their sisterstogether, then drifting, then formless, now gone sun warmed shadows beneath sun warmed feetand altogether too hot to handle how the dunes rise and falland riseand fall again, shuddering sand castles brought to their kneesby pounding feet trailing towels and supposed lifeamong these bleached leavesthe heart of these small mountains and the seaand the cliffsand the skyand the fernsand the estuary    (a moat to keep the wary out        … Continue reading iron sand (365 pieces – january 6)