for you

how the sea laps around my legs salt caking blisters saline kisses to my skin the ocean is an anchor belaying sound, pulling it deep carrying it far away if i call, will you hear? my voice will fall through deep water until it reaches you your ankles waiting in the surf and my words … Continue reading for you

the pétanque case

today i saw a girl who lived a life i crave even though i do not know her tale beautiful assumptions of a beautiful traveller seven thirty inner city messy hair bowler hat queen of spades sticking out guitar case backpacks tote bags shiny wooden case like a box of pétanque boules or so it … Continue reading the pétanque case

strange blues

inside stone walls strange noises the rock it calls lie in wait this strange dead cave imagine bats and eels light refracts and hits turns blue mysteries of primordial sin trapped inside trapped within   (in case anyone is concerned for my state of mind after reading this, fear not, I was simply feeling slightly … Continue reading strange blues

summers past

you are drowning in the heat in the sticky sickly slick of summer feel the days bead along your arms your forehead anywhere that hair falls you are a child, a babe in arms eating a plum on your face on your pale blue dress in your white blonde hair on your delicate toddler tongue … Continue reading summers past


i am a bowl of soup or a cup. tomato soup hot and steamy (in so many ways) (obligatory emoticon wink) (but mostly the weather) summer and a bowl of soup red, scalding to the touch lycopene in my veins they are not blue a spoon, a pen i wield them all precision and grace … Continue reading soup