an ode to kaeng khiao wan [backdated sept 25th]

a coriander kiss i cannot have your children if you carry that strange soapy gene we will make meals once thought of as exotic now just another tuesday night basil and curry pastes and careful poaching of once pink, now white, soon green of the palest hue perhaps sickly if not drowned in coconut floating on a jasmine bed of tiny grains of rice Continue reading an ode to kaeng khiao wan [backdated sept 25th]

alleluya! it’s spqr!

So, it may be raining again today, but yesterday was a gloriously sunshiney kind of day. To the point where siestas were required mid afternoon, just to regain some of the energy sapped by the sun and an early start. But it did offer some moments of appreciation for Auckland’s inner-city offerings, with regard to food and shopping. Especially food. That may be the prednisone talking, to some extent, but hey! If it means that brunch is more thoroughly enjoyed, so be it. And it is on that theme, therefore, that I bring you some details of said loveliness, so … Continue reading alleluya! it’s spqr!