life between the pages

Readers, I apologise for my lack of updates. It has not been intentional – as previously mentioned, This Wellingtonian Life™ has been a little bit entirely hectic, and my wordy wherewithal has been pointed in other directions. But I’d better update you as to said directions, hadn’t I? Well. 1) I wrote an article for xoJane! That was pretty crazy. 2) I had my first full page article in NZ Musician 3) I am about to launch into Writers Week, both for work and for reviewing. And that’s on top of all of my regular bookstore work and starting my … Continue reading life between the pages

2014 in review. prematurely. sort of.

Well, it’s the first day in a year that I don’t have to post on here, and yet here I am! You haven’t gotten rid of me yet, internet. I will at some stage compile a bit of a collection of my favourite picks from the 365 pieces project – though if any of you have any particular favourites from them, do let me know! I’m definitely interested to know what readers have to say, rather than just my highfalutin feelings. On the subject of readers, though, that leads me onto my new ‘project’, though less official than my previous … Continue reading 2014 in review. prematurely. sort of.

dear readers, due to completely unforeseen circumstances, there may be some erraticness in postings over the next wee while. hopefully this will not become a full-blown hiatus, however i cannot guarantee that this will not be the case. thank you, briar @ raw library Continue reading

365 pieces – the eleventh month

Obviously we’re still a few days out from it actually being November, but I thought I’d best update you blog-following folks as to what my plan it. You see, as many of you will be aware, November is the month of NaNoWriMo, the ‘National Novel Writing Month’ that is, in fact, now international. I’ve always intended to do it, but life/classes/excuses got in the way, and I never ‘won’, as they call it. However, this year I’ve got ten months of almost daily output on my side – and as much as a ten line poem isn’t quite the same … Continue reading 365 pieces – the eleventh month

welcome to the hellmouth

preemptive warning – semester starts back tomorrow. which means MADNESS in bookstore land. longer hours, shorter breaks, more inane questions, the works. fun!  and by fun, i mean, i’ll be feeling a little something like this : a little stabby. and i’ll also be fairly exhausted by the end of each day. so, if you’re an avid follower of my ‘365 pieces’ posts, be warned that there is a chance i may get slightly behind – however i will endeavor to catch up on any lost days next weekend, when i (hopefully) regain my sanity. we’ll just have to see … Continue reading welcome to the hellmouth