…and I’m sick. Naturally! Evil vile lurgy winding its way through the bookish types of Wellington. Hoping that tomorrow dawns a little healthier. It’s really an inopportune moment for this to be happening.

That being said, while being attached to my bed and/or couch (bed yesterday – forced self to couch today) I have been productive – I’ve written a book review for Booksellers NZ, I’ve made a ‘Briar Does Books’ video for reasons not altogether known (watch it below), I’ve interviewed a musician for one of two NZ Musician articles I’m currently working on (busy busy bee!). I’ve also ‘finalised’ the Sargasso Press website (as much as a website is ever finalised) and am quite satisfied with how it has turned out.

I’ve also been Making Plans of various sorts. Big publish-y projects – more on that as it develops. And it will. I’m determined to make it happen. Fitness/fun-time plans, like finally learning to skate properly. I’ve had the derby skates for about five or six years now, about time I actually used them.

It’s going to be grrrreat.

Now, back to Doctor Who and healing vibes and tannin-tummy-regret.


READING: Wake by Elizabeth Knox (among other things)
WATCHING: Season 1 of Doctor Who / Season 4 of Torchwood
LISTENING: Eb & Sparrow (self-titled LP)
DRINKING: Harney & Sons Vanilla Comoro black tea. YUM.

lanterns / at 10 / dreaming dreams of time gone by

i dreamed a lot
i was good at it
good at a lot of other things too
garden variety smart kid
with too many activities
fingers in many pies

i would taste them all
i would have it all
i was on top of the world
(until later, a reverse apotheosis)

but a writer
always a writer
my bedside drawer
stuffed full of papers
worlds i mapped out
characters sketched
their stories unfolding
i planned worlds
i had dreamt
and wished to bring them
to life

until i turned literary
abandoned sheer creation
strung words like lanterns
around myself
you have to illuminate
dark spaces

and now still waiting
trying / scribbling / dreaming
accepting of both madcap fantasies
elaborate prose
and poetic tomfoolery

may these lanterns never go out

[from the daily prompt, which i just discovered]