Wayward weirdo writer.

I’m a copywriter, an editor, a ghostwriter (woOOooo), an essayist, an occasional poet, an even more occasional publisher, a procrastinating one-day novelist.

I’m also a bookseller at little Unity, a specialist children’s bookshop in the Auckland CBD. I used to work at Unity Books Wellington, which explains a lot, some would say. 

I’ve dabbled in marketing and comms roles and come to the conclusion that, while I’m fine managing the occasional social media/publicity role for a charitable org, I’m too much of a book person and word nerd for that to be tenable for me long-term.

And I’m a perpetual learner. It comes with the territory, as a book dork. But currently I’m studying te reo Māori at AUT, and I definitely recommend it.

That’s basically me. Want me to do some word things for you, of the writing/publishing/editing variety? Hit me up at briar@briarlawry.com, my other, slightly more professionally focused URL.